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Dougie John's PizzaIn our world, there are a whole lot of things that tear us apart. But there are two things we can agree on: the Dougie is an awesome dance and Dougie John’s is a phenomenal addition to Downtown Findlay. 

And while there maybe was no doing the Dougie at Dougie John’s during our latest visit, I now have a plan for that next visit. 

This pizza shop opened in November and has been quietly building a reputation for some of the best pizza in Findlay. So I had to make a stop to check out what all of the fuss is about. 

I walked into the brightly lit carry-out shop to smiling face behind the counter. She helped me navigate that menu full of pizzas, subs and salads. I settled on a veggie pizza with no olives. She told me it would be about twenty minutes and they could bring it out to my car when it was done. So I ran to do a quick errand while it was made. 

The pizza box was sealed for maximum freshness. Okay, I don’t know that for sure, but it felt like it. 

I opened it up to find a pizza heavy on the cheese and topping, just the way I like it. 

My first taste gave me a nice chewy crust with a nice tang of tomato mixed in with stringy cheese. Oh yes, this is how you do pizza. I went in for another taste. All of the wonderfulness of the first mixed with the snap of fresh vegetables. 

Now, I’m going to be honest: I was supposed to share this pizza. And I meant to. I really, really did. But I ate it. I ate it all. I think the lesson we learned here was that if you want Dougie Johns, you should really be there when it arrives. Or I will eat it. With no regrets. 

You can find Dougie John’s in Downtown Findlay. It’s carry out, so it’s best to call  your order in ahead of time. Or plan to run an errand or two while you wait. Either way, you’re in for some seriously good pizza. 

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