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Smarty PantsWhen you’re in gift giving mode for your kids, it’s easy to lock into those bright shiny toys that they love to ask for, while longing to buy them the toys and books that are better for engaging little minds. What if you could get your kids something fun that will also help them learn? 

That’s where one of Downtown Findlay’s newest stores comes in. 

Smarty Pants specializes in finding those toys that your kids love to play with and that will also make them a smarty pants. 

When you walk into this house on Main Street, you will instantly be greeted with fun games. Have you considered starting a board game night with kids to get them off their smartphones? Or maybe just making sure there are plenty of games to engage them during their vacations? You’ll find something for all ages here. 

As you move into the store, you’ll start finding books and play sets. So many items that will easily engage your child’s imagination. You will also find workbooks that looked more like play than learning. 

Smarty PantsIf you go off to a side room, there are great tools for teachers as well. 

But the great items you can find is just one part of the story. 

This is a store that understands shopping sometimes comes with a side of kids. That is why you’ll find a place for your kids to color while you pick out those perfect gifts. 

And it’s become obvious that this shop is owned by someone with a very large heart. You’ll regularly see her posting on Facebook about different charities you can help support when you’re in the store. She obviously is hoping to help all kids embrace their inner smarty pants no matter their income level. 

So no matter the age of your child, be sure to make a stop at Smarty Pants to buy that perfect gift this holiday season. 


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