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Fall in FindlayYou can smell it in the air and you can see it in the trees. Fall is coming. Our world is about to get a whole lot more colorful, and we cannot wait to experience it.

From seeing the beautiful colors to hearing the familiar crunch below our feet, it’s a lot of fun to explore Findlay in the fall. So get on your walking shoes and check out these favorites for gorgeous leaves:

Hancock County Park District

You just can’t beat our parks. Not only will you see foliage beyond compare, but you have the chance to do some great activities as well.

For the best view of changing leaves, we suggest the Riverbend Recreation Area. Here you can find tree-covered trails that will surround you in amazing colors. And with a nearby covered bridge, you have a lot of opportunities for the perfect fall photo. So this is a definite must-stop if you would like a family photo that really captures the season.

However, this isn’t the only park you need to check out this season. Parks like Riverside and Litzenberg provide great opportunities to see the changing colors of leaves as well. You definitely want to get to them all.

Main Street Homes

Did you know that fall looks amazing on our historic homes? The brightly colored homes look even more beautiful as they are surrounded in leaves of varying color.

If you want to just wander and see the beauty on your own, start on Main Street in Downtown Findlay and walk south. You might want to turn onto side streets from time to time, but you can see quite a few of our most beautiful homes right on Main.

Looking for a more guided tour? Check out our Historic Findlay Walking Tour. You’ll find yourself quickly falling in love with the homes, the history and the beauty that surrounds you.

University of Findlay

Another great spot to check out the changing leaves is the University of Findlay. The impeccable grounds look beautiful in every season, but fall is just a special time.

For that perfect fall picture, go to the arch on Main Street. It’s iconic and all of the bright colors make it even more so. Or if you just want to wander the campus, be sure to check out the great things to do on campus, like Mazza Museum. There are so many ways to experience the beauty of this campus during the fall that it’s hard to pick just one.

Where do you go to see fall’s beauty in Findlay? 

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