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Charles H Bigelow HouseThere are many things that we love about Findlay. But just about everybody’s favorite? Our beautiful historic homes!

The Gas Boom blessed us with gorgeous architecture throughout town, and unlike many other towns, these structures still stand and are being meticulously cared for by individuals that love their homes and their town. It’s a pride that is rarely found and yet can be found in even the tiniest of details in our homes. 

And the pride can also be seen in how often these individuals open up their homes to the public in conjunction with organizations such as the Hancock County Historical Society. From the Victorian Christmas Dinner to home tours, there are always a few times a year that you can explore these gorgeous historic homes. 

But there’s no reason to wait to see these homes, especially since they look even more magical in the snow. Grab some hot chocolate at We Serve. Coffee or maybe a coffee at Coffee Amici. And then consider grabbing some adorable mittens and a hat from Trends on Main to keep warm! Now just pull up our historic home walking tour and get prepared to discover some of the most beautiful architecture that you’ve ever seen. From Italianate influence to Victorian Gothic, you will find some of the most perfect examples of homes that are just not built anymore. 

And you will also find some of the friendliest homeowners as well. Like we said, they have pride in their homes and their town. And for many of them, these homes are their dream come true. Just check out Brandon’s story:


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