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Findlay French fryI am constantly on a mission to find the very best French fry. No, it’s not the most glorious mission. It’s not even the most important. There is just something about the potatoey goodness that makes me keep coming back for more. Some may call it an addiction. I call it my happy place.

This has resulted in me slowly eating my weight in French fries in Findlay. Okay, I possibly have eaten more than my weight. I have asked Findlay’s fans and followers many times where the best fries are, and I have gone to those places to do my own taste testing. Yes, I had a fabulous time. And now, I have a list of what I think are the five best places to do your own taste test:

1. Greek Garden: These are definitely my favorite fries in town. I had many fans tell me that I needed to get there to try their fries, and it had me scratching my head. A Greek restaurant has the best French fries? But it’s true! A nice blend of spices give these fries a nice kick. And you can even order them with feta on top for a great spin on a favorite.

2. Rossilli’s: A local company, Anderson-Robertson Marketing, took a poll in their office, and Rossilli’s was the clear winner. Some say you can’t just eat one. In the case of Rossilli’s, you can’t just eat ten.

3. Alexandria’s: I’m not sure what Alexandria’s puts in their fries, but it’s amazing. The saltiness goes perfectly with just about every beer that is on tap. And yes, that leaves you wanting more of both.

4. Wilson’s: No list would be complete without this hometown favorite. A classic Findlay day includes ordering a hamburg, fries and a malt from Wilson’s. And yes, dipping your fries in your malt is completely expected.

5. The Landing Pad: It isn’t unusual for people to suggest The Landing Pad to me with many, many exclamation points following the name. The crunchy freshness of these fries is amazing, and even their generous portion goes by too fast.

So what do you think? Who did I leave off? Where do you go when you want the best French fry in town?

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