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I’m a brunch girl. There is just something about mixing my two favorite meals into one big, glorious meal that makes me very, very happy. And well, brunch seems to be that one meal of the week where you can just relax and spend hours with your friends to catch up with no worries. So yes, I think it brings more than just two meals together.

Imagine my joy when I heard Fins Seafood & Grille is not only a fantastic seafood restaurant, but a great place to catch brunch on Sundays! What I love about Fins is that it carries its seafood theme from the moment you walk in to the food they serve. You are greeted with an amazing aquarium. The hostess leads you to a table that has shells and sand encased within. You feel like you are more in an accessible oasis than anything else.

After placing my drink order with the waitress, it was time to dig in. The brunch buffet is filled with all of my favorites, but my eyes caught the omelet station. Oh yes, that was where I was headed first. Omelets are cooked to order here and you have many choices. From cheese to sausage, it’s all here. And if you stick around, you can watch them masterfully flip your omelet. But they will garnish it and bring it right over to your table.

While my omelet cooked, I turned my full attention to the buffet. French toast, potatoes, carving station… Oh my! Sausage, fruit and biscuits and gravy… HEAVEN! I loaded up my plate with a little of everything. It’s a buffet after all!

I sat down with my treasures and started filling my belly with awesomeness. Each bite reminded me of why brunch is the way to start the week. And then my omelet came to add to warm, happy feeling I was experiencing. I finished it off by making an impossible choice between chocolate cake, apple pie and danishes. I really wanted all three. Great food, great service and great atmosphere. This is definitely a place that I could find myself every Sunday.

If you want to experience the yummy brunch Fins has to offer on Sundays, it is available every week from 10 am to 1:30 pm. And I highly recommend making a stop.

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