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Stix vegetarianIt used to be that going out to restaurants as a vegetarian meant that you were stuck eating pasta or a veggie burger. Don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of pasta dishes and veggie burgers that make my mouth water, especially in Findlay. But sometimes you want something a little different. 

Luckily, as the food scene has gotten better and better in Findlay, so have the vegetarian options. 

So if you are ready to try something a little different, here are three options you’ll love:

Tofu Hot Stone Bibimbap at Stix

I absolutely loved going to Stix for their tofu burrito bowl at lunch. And then I stopped in for dinner and had to change my go-to order. I am so glad I did. The tofu, veggies, rice and egg combine to make something absolutely glorious. I was a little intimidated because it required me to stir to finish cooking, but it’s totally worth it. Plus it gave me the opportunity to stir in a generous helping of the hot sauce in really well. 

Be sure to bring a friend and split the fries for an appetizer. 

Vegetarian Around the World at Circle of Friends

What’s great about Circle of Friends is that you can get a taste of several cuisines in one place. So why not take a trip through all of those cuisines in one dish? In the Vegetarian Around the World, you’ll find Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Nepalese, Lebanese, Arabian and Jordanian food. So yes, it truly is like you’re going around the world. You can order it for one or two, so be sure to bring a vegetarian friend along. 

And you will get a lot of food for your money here, so be sure to plan to bring home some leftovers. 

Ohio Roll at Japan West

I’m admittedly addicted to veggie sushi. I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day and still want more. My absolute favorite sushi? The Ohio Roll at Japan West by far. It’s asparagus, edamame, avocado and cucumber. So unlike other sushi, you are getting protein in this roll. It’s light. It’s colorful. And it’s downright delicious. 

You might want to get this as an appetizer and try the vegetarian hibachi. It’s also very tasty. 

The best part of these three restaurants? They also have amazing meat dishes as well. So you can be guaranteed that your vegetarian and meat-eating friends will have a fantastic night eating together. 

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