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DorAnne's Holiday Table Nowadays, everyone is talking about shopping local for your holiday gifts. But it shouldn’t stop there.

You have so many opportunities to connect with local stores for your holiday parties and the big family Christmas meal. So if you are ready to make your celebrations just a bit more unique and a whole lot more local, then check out our guide for entertaining with our local shops.

Host Gift

Are you going to the celebration instead of hosting? Then do the right thing and bring a small gift to thank the host. If you want a very happy host, bring a box of Dietsch Brothers’ chocolate-covered pretzels. This hometown favorite will make you the hit of the party, and if you’re lucky, the host may even share a few with you.


There are few certainties in life. But you can be sure a few guests will arrive early and that dinner will likely be a little later. Rather than having your hungry guests plotting a mutiny, pick up some Wolfies Nuts and Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn. Both shops have extremely creative flavors that will wow your guests and will give you just a bit more time to get creative in the kitchen.

Holiday Cheer

Sometimes you need a glass full of holiday cheer to get through a family get together. Go local with the Findlay Brewing Company. You can pick up a growler full of one of their tasty beers and also have a more unique way of serving that holiday cheer.

A Beautiful Table

Yes, you agonize over the food and drink, but how you serve both is equally important. DorAnne’s Gifts and Gourmet has an amazing selection of serveware, several of which have been made by local artisans. You can also find plenty of decorations to make your home more festive for the season.

The Meal

You only want the absolute best food on your holiday table. And that’s why you need to order Bread Kneads Bakery & Deli’s famous butterflake dinner rolls. No dinner is complete without these tasty rolls. They are so good that they might outshine the rest of the meal!


Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes or pies, you want to finish this meal perfectly and with a serious sugar high. That’s why you need to make a stop at Buggy Whip Bakery. You’ll find your favorite buckeyes and sugar cookies nestled in with new favorites such as the Sweet Dream cookies. All are perfect for a beautiful cookie platter. And no one has ever said no to a Buggy Whip pie.

Whatever you do this holiday season, do make sure you make a stop at our local shops. For great tastes and great gifts, you can find it all here.

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