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If you are 50 and older and interested in learning new things, making new friends, getting reacquainted with old friends, and want to be a part of a community, 50 North is a good place to find all of these things.

I grew up in the area (graduated from McComb HS and Ohio Northern University) and moved away following my college graduation in 1978.  In 2012, my husband and I returned due to his job transfer to Perrysburg. I felt sort of like Rip Van Winkle. Things were different but in some ways still the same. After 34 years, I had lost track of many of the people I once knew in the area.

We came to 50 North when my husband needed to continue exercises for his arthritis, so he could continue to work. We found the people at the fitness center at 50 North to be very good at helping us learn what we needed to do and how to use the various machines. The cost of the fitness center membership was affordable and it was also a plus not to feel intimidated by seeing younger people in great shape while exercising!

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Improv, Wellness, and art classes are just a few of the types of classes offered at 50 North

I soon became interested in many of the classes that were offered at 50 North. I had always wanted to try acting. The improv class sounded like it might be a lot of fun. I went and became hooked! It was great fun to act as if you were watching a movie as various things were going on while watching, or being asked to be riding on a bus as a group of children or nuns. I made many new friends in the classes.

Learn more about the opportunities awaiting you at 50 North! •

You’ll find lots of characters in the improv classes at 50 North!

I also participated in Reader’s Theater. We would read aloud various types of literature. We would read short plays, essay and various types of poetry. I now have a new appreciation for poetry because of this class. Last December, the class participated in a live radio production of “A Christmas Carol” broadcast over WFIN with The Arts Partnership. I had never participated in anything like that before. It was interesting and fun to see how everything came together. I was really impressed with how seriously the children in the play behaved. At times practice could be tedious, and the children hung in there and kept focused for all the practices and final live production. The sound effects were very interesting to see how they were made and fit in at the right moment. Several of the children did the sound effects and did a marvelous job. I played the role of Mrs. Cratchit, and had a great time learning and participating in a new experience for me. The best part was no memorization was required!

Learn more about the opportunities awaiting you at 50 North! •

Taking part in a live reading of “A Christmas Carol” on WFIN was a special treat!

I found community and friends at 50 North. I also have become reacquainted with people that I knew from my growing up years!

This blog post was written by Visit Findlay blogger Ellen Hugunin.  Ellen is a recently returned Hancock County native, newly established theatre enthusiast, and 50 North community member.  That isn’t much, is it?  Learn more about Ellen and read her other blog posts here!

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