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Happy first day of spring! What better day to head outside and start enjoying nature?

I know there aren’t as many events going on and we’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves busy while social distancing—I highly suggest taking this opportunity to head outside!
Hancock County is home to a wonderful parks district and local town parks, there’s something for everyone at the parks.

While the weather this time of year may not be ideal, it’s also a great time to see early spring bloom!
I went to the Blanchard River Nature Preserve, and enjoyed seeing sprouts coming up in the underbrush. You can also hear the sounds of spring—the birds are singing, the spring peepers are calling, and the river beats any white noise machine. I took a few moments to just sit and appreciate how soothing it all was. If you have little ones, it’s also fun to look for animal tracks. The deer had been active and I was able to find hoof prints and places they had stopped to eat.

I’m also something of a history nerd, and really enjoy the local history found in local parks like Island Park in Mt. Blanchard. There’s a monument to Johnny Appleseed, as well as a historical marker explaining the founding of the town.

Hurricane Park was formerly the site of Mt. Blanchard School, it now has a wonderful gazebo, playground, and even a Little Free Library. I borrowed a couple of books and will be taking a few up myself later.

When the weather starts to warm up, I look forward to taking my kayak out on the Blanchard River. There are so many wonderful landings to use, and you can set a river trip that fits however much time you have, whether a couple of hours or a full day!

Finally, I challenge you to also take time to take care of Mother Nature while you are out and about. Growing up, my dad always encouraged me to take a trash bag with me on my hikes or while kayaking/canoeing to pick up any litter I found and leave things better than I found them. I had my bag with me today, and was able to clean up some of the trails I was on. It may be a small action, but I believe we can all have a larger impact.

I hope you get a chance to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. If you post to social media, tag us & use #visitfindlay, we love seeing your posts!

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