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The Landing PadI walked into The Landing Pad and well… I had to use the ladies room. I wouldn’t mention this if it weren’t for the wonderful experience that greeted me. At first, I just heard the game. Nice. Every sports bar should have the game playing in the bathroom. But then I saw it. There was a television… IN THE BATHROOM. This is either the greatest thing ever or a sad reflection on how much my life revolves around baseball. We’ll go with the greatest thing ever.

I found a place at the bar and was right away greeted by Chelsey the Bartender. I ordered a beer and was presented with beer as it is meant to be. It was in a frosted glass and was so cold that it was on the verge of freezing. I found my happy place. I placed my food order and then took in the rest of my surroundings.

What is great about The Landing Pad is that it has everything you’d expect of a sports bar: Loads of televisions playing the important games that evening. But the rest of the decor is sleek and I would totally be happy to have my boyfriend take me there on a date. In addition, the service provided by Chelsey was impeccable. No one at that bar wanted for anything. I believe I have found heaven in a restaurant.

My appetizer arrived. I selected the mozzarella wedges and they were perfectly stringy while still maintaining the ooey gooey that you’d expect. It was the perfect comfort food to go with my frosty beer. And then my vegetable wrap arrived. The wrap itself had a bit of saltiness mixed in with the sweetness of the fresh veggies. The fries that came with them were also fresh and had the perfect amount of crunch to them. Total love.

I finished my food and paid my check. I left with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I finally found a place that I would not have to trick my boyfriend into going to. Score! The Landing Pad is a definite must try and I assure you that it will make you as happy as it made me.


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