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Thistle ExchangeNot long after I walked into Thistle Exchange, one of the owners picked a large contraption up from behind the counter and said, “I don’t know what this is, but it’s going to be amazing when I’m done with it.”

That was the moment I fell in love. 

This downtown Findlay store has been stealing hearts since it opened and for good reason.

Inside you’ll find a mix of fabulous estate sale finds and refurbished items. And yes, estate sale finds sounds like you’re picking things out from your grandma’s house. That may be true if your grandma is the most fashionable grandma of all times and you basically want to be her when you grow up. Because the items curated within this store are incredible and a lot of them are things you never knew you needed in your life. 

And that’s if you just stick to the main room. 

Off to the side, I walked into what seemed like the closet of the woman I wanted to be. But it was all for sale, and there was finally a chance that I could look thrift chic without actually having to dig through thrift stores. 

Every ounce of space is taken up in this store, so even though it is a small space, you need to make sure you leave some time to explore. Otherwise you might miss something in one of the little nooks. 

But the real stars of the show here are the owners. 

I chatted with the owner that was there when I visited, and he was champing at the bit to bring more items out from where they store their great finds. I got the sense that he is so supremely proud of the items he’s been collecting that he can’t wait to show more and more of them. Especially when he’s put his own special touches to them. 

And the sense of joy and pride these owners take in the store also translates into a pride for being a part of Findlay. Along with the marvelous finds, you will also find local Findlay products sitting in a place of honor in the store. This is not just another Findlay store. Thistle Exchange is a part of the Findlay community and they are weaving their own beautiful section together. 

When you go, be sure to bring an enabler. Like we said, you will find many beautiful pieces here, and it’s more fun when you have that friend with you that will help you rationalize just about any purchase. 

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