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Asian GrillMore and more people are going meatless lately. Whether it’s for moral or health reasons, the vegetarian diet doesn’t show any sign of losing steam. 

And that’s good news for local Findlay restaurants. At just about every menu, you’ll find several options for a tasty vegetarian meal. Just check out what we’ve found:

Asian Grill

Vegetable sushi is delicious for both meat eaters and vegetarians. And Asian Grill is a local favorite for it. Be sure to try they spicy vegetable sushi here. Despite it’s name, it’s not overly spicy. With just a slight kick from the sauce they drizzle over it, it’s got the perfect amount of kick and super addictive. 

Japan West

Still hungry for some sushi? We can’t leave Japan West‘s Ohio roll off of this list. The mixture of the asparagus, edamame, avocado and cucumber makes for a very light feeling dish. But that inclusion of of the edamame means you’re getting a heavy dose of protein in a small package.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is one of our restaurants that provides a wealth of vegetarian dishes. That’s why we suggest trying the Around the World – Vegetarian. You’ll get a taste of many different cuisines, so it’s a great dip into the ethnic foods this downtown Findlay restaurant provides. Just keep in mind that it’s a lot of food for your money. 

Bistro on MainBistro on Main

Yes, pasta dishes are a staple in many vegetarians’ diets, but it’s usually a dish that’s heavy on the carbs and light on the protein. Not at Bistro on Main. Here, you need to try the wild mushroom spaghetti. The spaghetti and mushrooms are mixed together with pesto and pine nuts, making for a solid amount of protein that will give you an awesome amount of energy.

Punjabi Kitchen

At Punjabi Kitchen, you want to get a taste of everything, especially if you’re a newbie to Indian cuisine. So make a stop over the weekend and try out the buffet. This local favorite makes sure to always have vegetarian options on the buffet, so you can be guaranteed to find something new and exciting there to try. 

Cedar Valley Café

You almost have to love falafel if you’re a vegetarian. This tasty treat is a staple for many because of it’s crunchy goodness. One of our favorite places to get falafel is in the falafel salad at Cedar Valley Café. This dish gives you the opportunity to try other Lebanese favorites like hommous while you get your falafel fix. 


If you are looking for something a little familiar yet a little different, stop in at Stix for the tofu burrito bowl. Tofu can be tricky and yet Stix nails cooking it. The brightly colored burrito bowl is full of great bites from the perfectly cooked veggies to the addictive sauce. 

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