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We Serve. CoffeeFor most of us, we want to do good and support as many good causes as possible. But we also like to have fun and be surrounded by beautiful things. Life is sometimes a balancing act trying to do both things, because none of us have unlimited budgets. 

What if we told you that you could do both at the same time? 

Findlay is lucky enough to have many options for you to do good while buying items you would likely buy anyways. So your budget goes just a little bit further and you have a little bit more fun. 

Here are three that we love:

We Serve. Coffee

Do you constantly think about giving up that morning coffee in order to donate more money to great causes? Don’t do it! Instead, make a stop at We Serve. Coffee and that morning coffee will do good. This local coffee shop has donated over $25,000 of its profits to local causes. That is in addition to donating coffee and drinks to local events. 

Is coffee not your thing? We Serve. Coffee is about more than coffee. From pastries to lunch to smoothies, it’s a great stop for lots of tasty treats. So whatever your guilty pleasure is, you can turn it into a chance to make our community better simply by making a stop at We Serve. Coffee. 

Urban MarketThe Urban Market

But maybe your guilty pleasure is clothes or home decor. Then you need to make a stop at The Urban Market. You will be dazzled by all of the great fashionable items they stock and likely not even realize all of the good this local store is doing. 

The Urban Market makes it a priority to stock items that donate items or proceeds to charitable causes. And the store also carries many items that are made from recycled materials. That’s right. Those adorable items you have been eyeing there are likely going to make the world a better place, so there’s no need to feel guilty as you make your world just a little more beautiful with them. 

Kan Du Studio

Do you love art? Then why not support someone that has found a passion for art?

Kan Du Studio provides programs for those with developmental disabilities to create art. It’s a way to show them that they absolutely can do anything they put their minds to and builds their self-confidence. And as this art is created, you can buy it. Everything from small decorative pieces to their famous stars. Proceeds go towards supporting their programs. 

Bonus: Shop Local

There is no better way to do good than to shop at one of our many local stores. You will be able to shake hands with the owner who put their heart and soul into their shop, and they will do a little dance as you buy one of the items they carry. And there is something very special about that. 

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