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Free Things to Do This Fall in Hancock CountyIt’s fall in Findlay. And there’s just so easy to fall in love with all of the beauty of the season. From tasty comfort food to all of the gorgeous colors popping up, we have found ourselves proclaiming this the best season more than once. 

And there’s no shortage of budget-friendly fun to be found in Hancock County as well! So pack up the whole family and check out just a few of the great free things to do during fall in Findlay:

Chase down the changing leaves

There are so many great places to see the leaves burst into bright yellows, oranges and reds. Just simply take a walk down Main Street and marvel at how the colors make our historic homes look even more beautiful. Get lost on the trails at Riverbend Recreation Area and feel like you’ve been beamed into a brightly colored world full of fairies hiding just out of sight. Or make a stop at the University of Findlay and fall in love as you crunch fallen leaves under your boots. All three are great stops for Instagram-worthy shots.

Have fall fun at Homestead Fall Farm

Yes, Homestead Fall Farm is a great place to pick out your pumpkin, but did you know there is free fall fun there as well? Take a free hayride. Or play free games like Yard Yahtzee or Jenga. Or if you have a few dollars to spare, check out other activities like a corn maze or putt-putt golf. 

Enjoy the Halloween Parade

There are many traditions that are special to Findlay. One of the best is seeing the annual Halloween Parade. Your kids can bring their costumes and chase after the candy many floats will be throwing. You can sit back and delight in those kiddie squeals of joy. There’s just nothing quite like a parade and there’s definitely nothing like our local Halloween Parade. 

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