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Pop quiz.

Which of these rural legends do you believe?

  1. Johnny Appleseed owned land in Mt. Blanchard.
  2. A soldier from the Revolutionary War is buried in Mt. Blanchard.
  3. The most tragic love story in Hancock County happened in Mt. Blanchard.

They are all true!

Johnny Appleseed recorded a property deed on a lot in Mt. Blanchard in 1834.  

At Island Park, you can see a monument near land owned by John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed. Mt. Blanchard residents still talk about their childhood memories of eating yellow apples from the trees that grew on his property.

Mt. Blanchard Local Lore has stories of war, love, and apples.  •

A monument memorializing Johnny Appleseed is in Island Park

Asa Lake, a Revolutionary War veteran is buried in the Mt. Blanchard cemetery.

Since northwest Ohio was not settled until the mid-1800s, it’s rare to find Revolutionary War veterans in local cemeteries. Asa Lake died in Mt. Blanchard in 1841 – 58 years after the Revolutionary War ended! He is best remembered for platting the first 53 lots in the village in 1830.

Mt. Blanchard Local Lore has stories of war, love, and apples.  •

Asa Lake, a Revolutionary War veteran, died 58 years after the war and is buried in Mt. Blanchard

Nothing makes one’s heart flutter like a tragic love story.

Also buried in the Mt. Blanchard cemetery is Carrie Bell, who passed away at the tender age of 23. Legends say that her parents were unhappy with her choice of a husband. When Carrie passed in 1889, her scorned husband built a huge statue of a young woman on her grave – strategically positioned so her parents could see it from their kitchen window. How’s that for the beginning of a scary ghost story?

Mt. Blanchard Local Lore has stories of war, love, and apples.  •

Local Legend says that Carrie Bell’s husband built the statue of his wife to spite her parents

And here’s an added bonus legend!

Did you ever wonder how Mt. Blanchard got its name? Only in flat northwest Ohio could 58 feet of additional elevation above the county seat earn a village the title of Mount Blanchard!

Check out Mt. Blanchard!

When you are looking for a local adventure, take a drive along US 37 through the beautiful rolling landscape. Located 13 miles southeast of Findlay, Mt. Blanchard is a village of 492 friendly people. Upon arriving in Mt. Blanchard, you can:

  • Visit three parks – don’t miss Island Park with a pool, playground and picnic sites.
  • Relax over a casual meal and a cold beverage at The Hurricane Pub.
  • Grab an ice cream cone at the Corner Dairy Bar.
  • Stroll back in time and see antique cars at the August Heritage Day (third Saturday in August).
  • And if you’re looking for a magical small town Christmas, mark your calendar for the first Saturday in December for Christmas in the Village. You will feel like you stepped into the town of Bedford Falls from “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

See you in Mt. Blanchard! And make sure to wave to the other friendly motorists at the four-way stop.

This blog post was written by Visit Findlay blogger Julie Brown.  Julie is an Oler’s enthusiast, avid hiker, and enjoys great stories.  That isn’t much, is it?  Learn more about Julie and read her other posts here!

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