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Free things to do in Findlay

Summer is here. It’s time to run through grass barefoot and eat our weight in ice cream.

There are so many ways to have fun during the summer, but unfortunately, a lot of them cost a pretty penny. The good news is that you can come to Findlay and find a lot of free things to do this summer!

So if you’re ready for a budget-friendly summer, here are three things we think you’ve just got to check out.

Free Live Music

Young and old love to hear a band play live. Your toes get tapping and you get lost in some of your favorite tunes.

If this sounds like a good time to you, then get to the 68th Annual Riverside Summer Concert Series. Not only is it free, but you get to hear music at the beautiful Riverside Park. This summer, you’ll get to hear everything from the US Army Band to a barbershop chorus. There’s a little something for everyone during this series, so you definitely should check it out.

Free Outdoor Fun

If you’re anything like us, you want to soak up the sun and be outdoors as much as possible this summer (with lots of sunscreen, of course).

Then you have to get to our local parks! Have a picnic by the river at Riverside Park. Take a walk along the Findlay Reservoir. Play disc golf at the Riverbend Recreation Area. There are just so many free things to do at our local parks that you won’t know what to do first.

Free Festivals

The best part of summer is usually all of the fun festivals you get to go to. And we definitely have a lot of must-attend festivals in Hancock County!

One of our favorites is the Flag City BalloonFest! It’s free to attend and you get to see some amazing hot air balloons. Not only that, but the Visit Findlay hot air balloon comes home every year and it’s a beautiful balloon full of lots of Findlay pride. Between the balloon glow and lots of demonstrations throughout the festival, you get a lot without paying a dime!

Looking for more free things to do this summer? Check out our events calendar and our things to do section to discover all of the summer fun you can have in Findlay!

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