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Hancock Hotel Sitting RoomWhen the Hancock Hotel had first been announced, I knew I had to stay there. I love staying in hotels by myself and ordering room service. This hotel looked like it would be perfect for a night in.

As I watched brick by brick as the hotel went up, I couldn’t wait to stretch out in a comfy bed. But life got in the way and I had to delay my night of introverted fun. 

Last week, however, I noticed that I had a hole in my schedule. No meetings or anything vital for two days. It was all finally happening. I sprung for a suite for no other reason than it was going to be a Monday night and a suite seemed to go with a Monday night. And then I decided to add breakfast. For $10, I would have a $15 credit at the restaurant, Mancy’s.

I waited until after my husband was done with work on that Friday, and announced, “I won’t be home Monday night.”


“I’m going to stay at the Hancock Hotel.”


“Because I want to.”

I thought I had done everything right. I could taste my room service in bed. It all slipped through my fingers when my husband said, “You’re staying in a suite? Don’t worry. I can get the time off.” NO!

I came up with so many reasons why he couldn’t go, but he overruled every single one. So, before I knew it, I was sitting next to him as we pulled up to valet our car at the hotel. 

We found ourselves walking into a bright, modern space that still felt comfortable and luxurious. A smile greeted us at the front desk, and that’s when I noticed the first Hancock County touch: a work of art featuring the Hancock County Courthouse overlooked the desk. And as I walked through the hotel, Hancock County was literally everywhere. Although this is a new hotel, it gives a heavy nod to all of the beauty and history of what has come before in the area. 

Our room was no different. We walked into a large sitting room with a nicely appointed kitchenette area. And sitting on the desk was treats from Dietsch Brothers to tempt us to purchase something from the minibar. We walked into the bedroom, and it was dominated by a wonderfully comfortable king-sized bed. Around the corner, we found a beautiful dressing area. And then we entered the most luxurious bathroom I had ever seen. Half of the left side was a bathtub that was just inviting me to sit in it with a glass of wine. The other half had a large shower. I was amazed that you could close the door and barely hear the water running. The double vanity was perfect for two people, like us, that cannot share. 

I was ready to bunker down for the night, but my husband said, “Downtown is just steps away! We’re going to have fun.”

With that, I found myself with a cocktail at The Bourbon Affair and then a tasty dinner at Japan West

The bed was calling me, but we had to make a stop at the hotel bar. We ordered dessert and cocktails from a cheery bartender. My husband happily had some Dietsch Brothers ice cream whereas I can never say no to a crème brûlée. Both were wonderful. 

As my husband took a shower, I passed out in the bed I’d been dreaming about all day. So of course he woke me up to say, “Best shower ever.”

“That’s nice,” I mumbled. “I’ll take one tomorrow.” And with that, I fell asleep. 

Mancy's BreakfastThe next morning, I woke up early for a bit of work and then found my way to Mancy’s for breakfast. A veggie stack that included eggs, hash browns, veggies and a white sauce. It was exactly what I wanted and made my stay feel even more luxurious. 

And then I took a seat in one of the cozy chairs in the lobby. As I worked, I loved having a bit of hustle and bustle going on around me. I watched a staff person looking for any little detail that might be out of place. I watched the front desk staff greet person after person with a bright smile. And I just saw a hotel full of people that truly cared about giving the best possible service to every single person that walked through the door. 

I did not want to check out since everything made me so happy. Possibly also because I never got that glass of wine in that bathtub. But regardless, it was just a lovely place to be. 

I will definitely visit Hancock Hotel again for a date with room service, and I have no doubt my husband will try to tag along again as well. 

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