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University of Findlay ArchFindlay has so many beautiful places to explore. So it’s not surprising that many people want to share their adventures on Instagram. Whether it’s a still photo or a short video, you have plenty of opportunities to capture something that your friends and family just has to see. 

So if you are ready to grab your camera or your phone, here are a few places you’ll love sharing on Instagram:

University of Findlay

The University of Findlay campus is meticulously maintained with gorgeous flowers and brick buildings at every turn. If you want to get that optimal shot though, make a stop on North Main Street to see the arch. Not only will you get the arch, you’ll have a shot bursting with blooms, and if you choose to shoot it straight on, you will also capture Old Main. Old Main is picturesque on its own, but couple it with the blooms and arch, and you will have an unforgettable shot. 


Downtown Findlay has become more colorful lately with all of its murals. While any one of them will make an amazing photo, we suggest going to The Gathering‘s patio. You can capture two beautiful Impressionist murals, and with the bright colors of The Gathering’s patio furniture, you have the feeling that you are in an extremely special place that will make your friends extremely jealous. 

Marathon Center for the Performing Arts

The art deco beauty of the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts is breath-taking. If you want the perfect picture here, you need to visit the atrium. There are endless angles here that will keep you mesmerized. And as the light pours in through the windows throughout the day, you can easily capture a photo that is almost unreal with its beauty. 


All of our local parks will provide you a great chance to capture nature. But if you want to really find something special to share on Instagram, climbing the hill to the Findlay Reservoir is a must. If you go at sunset, the combination of the deep colors of the sky, the setting sun over gorgeous water and the rocks that surround the reservoir will make for something that will pop on Instagram. 

Hancock County Courthouse

The Hancock County Courthouse has marvelous architecture that will make you want to focus on all of the tiny details, from the statues to the stained glass. And any one of those pictures would be amazing. But there is just something about standing on Main Street and capturing the entire building. The details are gorgeous, but the building as a whole is almost unbelievably beautiful. 

Historic Homes

There are so many beautiful historic homes around town that we can’t possibly pick just one to photograph. For this, we recommend just taking a walk on South Main Street and just letting the beauty surround you as you look for that perfect shot. 

Local Restaurants

One of the best things to share on Instagram is food. Luckily, Findlay has a lot of wonderful local restaurants with colorful food. One of our favorites is Stix. The colors just pop on the food from this restaurant thanks to the extremely fresh ingredients. The way the food is plated screams that it needs to be photographed. And yes, it’s as tasty as it looks. 

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