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We’ve gone through four rounds of voting. We were left with old time Findlay favorites, and we knew that no matter the result, there were tasty times ahead. The only question left for us to answer was do you like pizza or chocolate and ice cream better? The answer was resounding. Apparently, the picture to the right is the saddest sight for all of you, because Dietsch Brothers is our winner!

Dietsch Brothers pretty much dominated every battle they were in. We heard stories throughout the competition of people missing their fix from many miles away. Dietsch Brothers just sticks with you, because they have amazing sweets and they take great care in serving their customers. Findlay is certainly lucky to have this gem to call our own.

And now for the important part… Who won the $100 gift card? A big congratulations to Brian Whitta! Brian has been one of our most vocal supporters on Facebook, so I think all of us here are excited to see him win $100 worth of ice cream and chocolates! We will be in touch, Brian.

So let’s all meet up at Dietsch Brothers today to celebrate our winners! I hear a rumor that Brian is buying. Okay… maybe I’m just hoping.

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