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My traveling companion gave me a weary look as we pulled into the parking lot.

“Have I ever taken you to bad place?” Another look. “Okay, but this is the first pizza ever available in Findlay. We have to try it.”

That’s right. Jac & Do’s has been feeding Findlay’s pizza addiction for over 50 years. Its fans are dedicated and it is one of the first stops people make when they’re in town.

We ducked in and found place decked out with a wry sense of humor that also spoke to the fact that their history is so closely intertwined with their hometown. There are softball jerseys throughout that showed their commitment to being a part of the community.

We placed our order for a vegetable pizza. Even though I had been told that the taco pizza is where it’s at, I wanted to make sure that I could readily compare this pizza to the many, many pizzas I had before. After grabbing our drinks, we sat down. This is when we noticed the very large window that let us spy on our pizza as it was being made. I felt like I was in an old school pizza parlor with much cooler decor.

Our name was called and I retrieved our pizza. The first thing that struck me was the freshness of the vegetables. And then there was the crust. The oh so glorious crust. This thin crust was not doughy in the least. It provided a nice crunch and could easily stand up to anything you chose to top it with. The cheese was stringy in all the right ways and the tomato sauce accompanied everything perfectly. This was a pizza that could compete with any that came from those guys in New York and Chicago.

My friend’s analysis? “You had me scared, but I get this. I really, really get this.” And then she dived in for a lot more.


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