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Gathering Patio

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It’s patio weather! It’s time to sit back, relax and soak up that beautiful sun. And if there is a cold drink and tasty food, it’s even better.

Luckily, we have some great patios in Findlay. From beautiful views to terrific food to amazing live music, you are guaranteed a great time.

So if you are ready to enjoy this weather, here are a few places you have to visit this summer:

People watch on this Findlay patio

One of the best parts of patio weather is the people watching, and there is no patio better to do that on than Greek Garden. This alley patio provides a bit of privacy but is also located in the heart of Downtown Findlay. So you will get maximum foot traffic while also being able to dine in peace. Plus, Greek Garden has a great menu full of Greek classics that are perfectly refreshing for the warmer weather.

Escape on this Findlay patio

If you really want to be in an oasis in Downtown Findlay, check out The Gathering. You will be surrounded by some of Findlay’s most beautiful murals and can listen to some of the area’s finest live music. This is definitely a patio that will make you instantly feel that you are in a secret vacation spot. Plus you can take advantage of The Gathering Wine’s extensive wine collection, which means an excellent night with friends.

Enjoy the newest Findlay patio

The new patio in town is Oler’s, and it’s destined to be the hot spot this summer. Nothing says summer more than a margarita. And nothing says Findlay classic more than Oler’s margarita. Add in some chips and salsa, and you really have found the perfect place to enjoy summer in Findlay.

So get ready for a wonderful summer in Findlay and meet your friends at these beautiful spots in Findlay.

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