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Thanks for coming to Findlay and Hancock County for your tournament weekend!  We know finding things to do for younger siblings can be tough on tournament weekends, but we have your back.

Due to Coronavirus many of our attractions and playgrounds are closed.  Check out these suggestions on things to do this weekend!


See our complete event calendar here.  Every Thursday we highlight the weekend events on What’s Happening, Hancock County – check to see what is taking place this weekend here.

Mt. Blanchard Community Pool

101 Park St., Mt. Blanchard
Open Noon – 7 p.m.

The community of Mt. Blanchard, located about 15 miles about Southeast of Marathon Diamonds, has invited you to enjoy their community outdoor pool while you’re in town!  Admission is $3/person.

Rent a Canoe or Kayak

Zonta Landing at Riverside Park
231 McManness Ave.
Saturdays and Sunday, 1 – 7 p.m.

Plan to rent a canoe or kayak from Hancock Park District’s Zonta Landing.  Zonta Landing is located within Riverside Park.  Upon parking at Riverside Park, take the walking path towards the river, Zonta Landing is located in the middle of the park’s outer walking path.  The cost of boat rentals is $5/half hour.  Cash only in small denominations, no bills larger than $20 will be accepted.

Attend our Farmers’ Markets

Findlay and Hancock County is known for farming, see the fruits (and vegetables) of that labor at our farmers’ markets and local produce stands!  Thursday evenings you can visit our Hancock County Farmers’ Market in Downtown Findlay’s Marathon Center for the Performing Arts and on Saturday mornings you can visit the Bluffton Farmers’ Market in Downtown Bluffton.  Learn more about both these markets and the local produce stands that will pop up around the community here.

Go for a Walk

Enjoy these self-guided walks while in town this weekend.  Or, take part in one of the walking trails at a Hancock County or City of Findlay park – see all of our parks and trails here.  Please keep in mind that our playgrounds are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Downtown Findlay Murals

Findlay’s downtown area is peppered with murals that depict our history and love of the arts.  Plan a stroll in Downtown and see how many murals you can find.  See all Findlay murals here.

Historic Homes Walking Tour

Did you know Findlay has the largest number of restored Victorian homes in Ohio?  Take a look at these homes on our self-guided historic homes walking tour.  Please stay on the sidewalks and respect the private homeowners.  If you would like a peek inside these homes consider returning to Findlay October 10 and 11 for Hancock Historical Museum’s Historic Homes TourA digital preview of the tour can be seen here.


Enjoy a story with some exercise at Riverside Park!  The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library installs a new book every month along the StoryWalk walking path within the park.  Each page is encased in new panel, by the time you complete your walk you will also have completed the story!

Go for a Drive

Take a break from this weekend’s game and enjoy a drive through our community!

Old Millstream Byway

A large portion of the Old Millstream Byway is located in Hancock County.  Plan to visit the points of interests along the byway and enjoy a peaceful drive in our community.

Barn Quilt Trail

Hand painted wooden quilt squares are hung on the sides of barns, homes, and buildings throughout our county.  Learn more about the Barn Quilt Trail and plan to see these beautiful pieces of art set along the countryside.

Virtual Events and Activities

Hang out in the hotel room and enjoy these Findlay-centric virtual events!

The Digital Stage

Marathon Center for the Performing Arts has put together many great arts resources for you to enjoy digitally!  Check them out here.  You may visit the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts’ Fisher/Wall Art Gallery from Noon – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday! 

Virtually Tour the Mazza Museum

The Mazza Museum isn’t open to visitors yet, however you can take a virtual tour of their galleries through the CloudGuide.  Download the app, then search for the Mazza Museum, and enjoy!  Download the app in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.