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Urban MarketWhen I first heard about The Urban Market, I got a little excited. Another place to get some fun clothes in Findlay! And I drooled over the storefront until my wallet said, “Oh yes, it’s time to go in.”

Well, this place surpassed all of my expectations. 

I was greeted by the owner who let me know immediately that they were about to host an event. I naturally asked what kind of event. 

“We brought in a stylist to show you how to dress for work!” 

Um, yes please. Because I know my jeans, tees and flip flops are definitely not getting me anywhere. Even though I couldn’t stay for that particular event, I can’t wait to go to the next one. Or maybe my boss can’t wait for me to go to the next one. 

The owner gave me a quick tour of the store. While I found exactly what I knew would be there (adorable clothes), I quickly found out that there was a bit more. 

Urban Market JeansSo many items seemed to have an unexpected purpose behind them. Shoes made out of sustainable materials. Items made by companies that donated proceeds to charities. It started to feel like that by shopping here I was sending love into the world in many ways. 

In addition to the clothes and accessories, you can also find home decor items. All of these decor items had a warmth to them that made me instantly feel at home. 

You can also find a photographer, as well as the stylist to help you with your needs in this store. Something about this just screams this store was made for Instagram in all of the right ways. 

I started to realize that this store was a reflection of the owner that was talking to me. A little eclectic, very warm and ultimately out to do good. 

You definitely need to make a stop at The Urban Market in Downtown Findlay. It will surprise you in a very a delightful way. 

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