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Cocktails. They are great for laughing with friends and taste amazing.

There are cocktails for every taste, and can either be simple or super complicated. No matter what you like, there is definitely a great cocktail for you in Findlay. 

Here are just three that we think you’ve got to try:

The Bourbon Affair

You can find a bit of the familiar mixed in with the creative on The Bourbon Affair’s cocktail menu. And with a speakeasy feel, you almost feel like you’re doing something naughty while sipping on your cocktail at the bar. 

So what cocktail should you try here? We say try the Old Fashioned. There is nothing quite like a classic done really, really well, and that’s what you will find when you try this cocktail at The Bourbon Affair. Since it is a bourbon bar first, you know they know a thing or two about bourbon and that especially shows with this cocktail. 


Oler’s has had a reputation for being “delightfully tacky,” but with a great patio and beautiful bar area, it’s also earning a reputation for one of the best places to hang out. 

What goes well with their chips and salsa? A margarita, of course! But this isn’t just any margarita. This is an Oler’s margarita. Those sugary drinks you find at other restaurants just won’t do here. Here the margaritas come in short glasses and are delightfully strong. These are also a Findlay classic that you’ve just got to try to believe. 

Bistro on Main

Yes, you can find amazing Italian food in what feels like an almost mafia-era atmosphere here at Bistro on Main. What else can you find here? One of the most creative cocktail menus in town. 

What cocktail tastes best with one of their great dishes? Well… We just can’t choose! We suggest ordering the special drink of the night. The cocktail changes with the season and there are several great options. But we feel like by ordering the drink that’s on special, you will get one of the most flavorful and tasty cocktails you’ve ever had. 

These are just a few of the places you can get great cocktails. Explore our website for other great options. 

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