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Findlay ReservoirThere is just something special about our Findlay Reservoir.

The thing that always strikes me when I drive up are the big hills that seem to come out of nowhere and just seem to beg me to discover what they hide. As I park my car, my eyes always fall on the stairway that seems to go up to heaven itself. With my two feet at the bottom of these hills, I already know I’m about to have a terrific experience.

I make my way up that staircase to heaven. As I hit midway, I turn back for just a moment to see a black dog panting as he skips up the steps. His owner is following behind just trying to keep up. I pick up my pace so this dog doesn’t have to wait a second for his moment of joy.

As I reach the top, my attention is still on the dog who bounds up the last few steps and tries to run onto the rocky path while his owner tries to control his exuberance. The Findlay Reservoir was obviously a frequent trip for this dog, and he was glad to soak it in once again.

That familiar sound of footfalls on stone slowly faded away and I was left standing in what really seemed like heaven. The sun shone bright down from a perfectly blue sky with big fluffy clouds moving through the sky. The water reflected back those beams of light as it softly crashed against the rocks that surrounded it.

I snapped pictures, because this seemed like a moment that was meant to be shared, even though it could never be quite the same in those photos. I then decided to follow the path a bit. The wind blew against my face and gently pushed my hair back. As the rocks crunched under my feet, there was just something about that particular moment that I wanted to capture forever. So I sat down on a grassy spot, took a deep breath as I looked around and closed my eyes.

With my eyes closed, that wind felt just a bit stronger and the water crashed against the rocks just a little bit louder. I breathed in the fresh air a little deeper and felt truly at peace in this place. And as if like clockwork, I heard the footfalls of that dog once again as he ran down the path and then bounded down the stairs. It was truly the perfect afternoon for both of us.

The Findlay Reservoir is a great place for a relaxing and just enjoying the view. You can also go for a run or a walk on the path. Whatever you choose to do, it’s a must-stop for getting outside this summer.

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