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Thanksgiving Eve LegendsFor many people, Thanksgiving is all about coming home. And what happens when you come home? It’s a great opportunity to see the friends you grew up with and catch up on Thanksgiving Eve.

Since it’s likely the only time you’ll see these friends, you definitely want to make it an epic get-together, and luckily, you have lots of options in Findlay to do just that.

So if you’re planning on that perfect time with fantastic friends, here is where you can find it in Findlay:

Beer Everyone Will Love

Catching up over a few brews is a classic for a reason. But it’s time to up your game and sip on some craft brews. For a great selection, you can’t beat Alexandria’s, Logan’s Irish Pub and Legends. And even better, you can find a full menu at all three. There’s nothing better than brews, snacks and friends.

A Perfect Pour of Wine

Unless those friends love wine. In that case, relax with a glass at Gillig Winery, Findlay Wine Merchant, DiVine Wine or Gathering Wine. You’ll find wide variety of bottles to try at all of them with knowledgeable servers that will direct you to the right one. And if you still need to bring something to Thanksgiving the next day, they can help you pick just the right bottle for that as well.

Fun Shenanigans to Do Together

There’s nothing to bond you together like doing something silly. And that’s why Anvil is hosting a run. How far? 0.5 K. Far enough to say you earned your drinks for the night and to get a good laugh with your friends.  

The Nostalgia You Love

When you think about Findlay classics, Oler’s is high up on the list. So if you want to relive Findlay memories while you’re home, this is your stop. Oler margaritas will hit the spot with lots of great shareable food to order.

Still not seeing that perfect place for your Thanksgiving Eve get-together? Check out our list of local dining options.

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