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We Serve. Coffee CharitableSummer is a great season in Findlay for many reasons. But the best one? There are so many opportunities to be charitable in our area!

Yes, you can volunteer with many of our local organizations and a lot of these opportunities are family-friendly activities. Go to Volunteer Hancock County to see if there is something you’d like to participate in.

But if you’re looking for a little less of a commitment, we have a few ideas:

Go to We Serve. Coffee

Being charitable can be as simple as getting your morning coffee! We Serve. Coffee donates its profits to both local and global organizations and has donated nearly $10,000 to date. It’s also a great spot for lunch, smoothies and baked goods. So yes, all you have to do is have some tasty treats, and you’re already doing some good in the world. Pretty simple, right?

Buy items at Kan Du Studio

Kan Du Studio allows those with different abilities the chance to create art and earn a paycheck. And how do they earn that paycheck? Because of the generosity of those that come in and buy their artworks. The best part is that many of the items are great additions to any garden or home decor. You’ll find everything from traditional paintings to cute little flowers that have been handcrafted. And many hands go into the creation of each item, so each one is the pride of several individuals.

Attend a local event

Did you know that many of our local events have a charitable aspect? Whether its The Arts Partnership bringing live music to our area or the organizations that partner with the Flag City Balloon Fest, you will find a ton of opportunities to enjoy yourself on our events calendar while also supporting organizations that are making our area better. And really, there’s just not a more fun way to do good than to attend one of our festivals.

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