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Wolfies Nuts Beer I feel like we should clear something up here first: Yes, there are nuts at Wolfies Nuts, and they are amazing. But this isn’t about the nuts.

This is about beer. Amazing beer.

What is awesome about the owner of Wolfies Nuts, Bill Wolf, Jr, is that he is also the head of the Hancock County Home Brewers Association. This is a man that knows beer.

When I asked him about the beer in particular, his eyes lit up as he talked excitedly about the store. This is an operation that only has craft beer. And those nuts? He can tell you exactly which ones to buy to go with whatever brew you decide to take home. He can even tell you which flavors will be brought out in each beer and nut as they are enjoyed together. This is a man that obviously loves what he does.

And then I let the bomb drop, “I’m threatening my husband with taking up home brewing.” That’s when we turned our eyes from the great collection of craft beer to the well-stocked home brewing equipment and ingredients. You didn’t think that he wouldn’t have home brewing equipment, did you?

Wolfies Nuts Brewing“And we have a free intro to home brewing class too.” Now my eyes were lighting up. “Free” and “home brewing” are wonderful words on their own, but together… Pure magic.

Already a brewer? Then you can join the Hancock County Home Brewers Association, which meets at the store. So if you want to try new recipes and find new ways to put those many different kinds of hops Wolfies Nuts carries to work, this is a great opportunity to find people that are looking to do those same things and exchange ideas.

So the next time you’re scratching your head on what you should get for that person that has everything, think Wolfies Nuts. You’ll easily walk out with an amazing craft beer-nuts combination or all of the ingredients to start home brewing. Either way, you’re walking out with a big win.

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