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It’s no secret: Hancock County loves its wine. And our first Findlay winery? Let’s just say that we hope our love affair with Gillig Winery never ends.

I walked into Gillig Winery and found myself in a cozy tasting room. A beautiful bar greeted me and the corner fireplace was calling my name.

As I took a seat, my waitress cheerfully popped by my table with both a wine menu as well as a bistro menu. Because yes, this tasting room has a great menu to compliment its wine. In addition to the menus, I was directed to the chalkboards full of specials on wine, cocktails and beer. So even if you aren’t a fan of wine, you can easily find what your tastebuds are craving here.

I quickly settled on a flight of wine, so I could get a sampling of the many different wines available. My flight arrived with each wine clearly identified with a number that coordinated with the menu. It definitely makes it easier to order the glass that tickled my fancy after settling on one. Pours here are generous for a sampling and the price for my flight was less than what I would pay for a single glass at many other wine bars.

Gillig Winery wine glassesAfter my waitress dropped off my wine, I placed an order for a flatbread and settled in with the beautiful glasses that were before me.

I was directed by my waitress on the proper order to enjoy the glasses, and I stuck to that order.

For the most part, I found myself drinking very light and refreshing wines in varying degrees of hues. A perfectly well thought out flight for the hot day outside. I could easily have taken this flight out to the adorable patio and been just as happy as I was relaxing in the tasting room.  

My flatbread came out with artisanal flare, and I happily dug into its neatly cut triangles. The food at Gillig Winery is just as good as the wine. So even if you don’t want to sample any of the beverages, you will still have a great time tasting the amazing creations that come out of the kitchen.

Gillig Winery is roomy enough for groups, but just as cozy for date night. And from painting to music to creative tastings, you need to check out the many events this winery hosts. This is definitely a must-stop location in Findlay.

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