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A Mexican restaurant has landed in Downtown Findlay, and let’s be honest, I couldn’t be more excited. The idea of cheersing margaritas while chomping down on some guacamole frankly makes me so excited. And that’s how I found myself sitting at a table at Vivir Modern Mexican

It’s a brightly colored restaurant that just screams fun. Modern is a great way to describe it, as the interior had a very modern feel while still retaining a very warm nature. 

The tacos here are supposed to be legendary, but I have to admit something: If there’s a rice bowl on a menu, I’m getting it. For a few extra dollars, you can get any of the tacos over rice, and they double the typical filling with this option. This is also known as heaven for me, since I’ve been known to spill just about every taco I’ve ever eaten on myself. I settled on the Cauliflower Dreaming rice bowl. 

I also couldn’t help myself. Even though I was dining alone, I had to get an order of guacamole. For research purposes. Luckily, you can get a small order of the guacamole perfect for just one. That comes in handy for those times when you’re dining alone or have friends that incomprehensibly don’t like guacamole. Do people like that really exist?

When my food arrived, the guacamole was wonderfully creamy and the chips complimented it perfectly. The veggies in my rice bowl were perfectly seasoned. Even so, I embraced my inner hot sauce addict and slathered it all over the dish. I highly recommend this action as the hot sauce is wonderful. Overall, it was a tasty, filling meal at a great price. 

Even though I spent a long time looking at the margaritas and the margarita flights looked amazing, I passed on this trip. But I’m really looking forward to trying them in the future. 

Vivir Modern Mexican is a great place for friends, family and everything in-between. With it being a newer restaurant, it is definitely getting attention from our local community, so expect a bit of a crowd when you go. 

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