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photo-4-3I am always on the search for the perfect french fry. What can I say? That startchy, greasy goodness just calls to me. I fully believe that heaven is me sitting on a big mound of the good stuff.

So it’s not that surprising that I regularly ask our fans and followers where their favorite fries are. I want to try them all. If there are good fries to be had, they need to be in my belly. Usually, it’s the places that would all instantly come to mind. The bars and pubs are always a good call. But Greek Garden kept coming up. So to Greek Garden I had to go.

I entered to a place that screams joy. From a beautiful painting just as you are entering to the “OPAH!” that screams at you from up above, you can’t help but smile in this restaurant. I took a booth and then took in the menu. From hummus to gyros, I found everything that I expected out of a Greek restaurant, but with a bit of a Greek Garden spin. I settled on a vegetable gyro and the fries. I looked hard at the Greek fries with their feta yumminess. I wanted them badly. But I settled for the regular fries to be fair to the other local restaurants I had stopped at on this quest.

photo-5-2The thing that really struck me about Greek Garden is how quickly my food came. If you are in a rush, they have getting your food to you quickly down to a science. And it was obvious that it was just a few seconds from being made to being in front of me. The fries glistened from being so freshly made. I was already totally sold even before I took my first bite.

That first bite though was awesome. A nice crisp, a great mix of spices and then the reward of that soft, starchy center. I was supposedly on a diet, but I couldn’t deny what was about to happen after that first bite. My plan to just eat a few went out the window, and I enjoyed every single juicy morsel of the generous pile on my plate. No regrets whatsoever.

The gyro was packed with freshness as well. The vegetables were covered in a wonderful yogurt sauce that was light and as joyous as my surroundings. The thickness and crunchiness of the pita surrounding all of this awesome served this gyro well.

So yes, Greek Garden is definitely a contender for the best fries in town, but they also have some other great surprises that you just need to eat to believer. And I’m totally going to devour those Greek fries on my next visit.

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