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Greens & ThingsIt’s that time of year again. It’s the time when everything feels new and we take the time to work on ourselves with a New Year’s resolution. 

The biggest problem is that most New Year’s resolutions fall apart before you really get a chance to get started. If that sounds like a problem you have every year, we have some great news: There are plenty of places in Findlay that can help you keep your resolutions this year. 

To keep you on track, we picked three extremely popular resolutions and the places most likely to help you keep those resolutions in 2018. 

Eat Better: Greens & Things

It seems like everyone starts the diet on January 1, and it’s such a struggle to keep on that diet. So if you need a little help in this area, make a stop at Greens & Things. The menu is chock full of healthy options. They also use locally sourced ingredients, which means that the food is more flavorful. Even if you just make a stop in once a week at this lunch spot, your diet will be that much easier. 

Exercise More: Raccoon Run Winter Sports Center

Getting in shape is probably the next most popular resolution out there. But does hours on a treadmill in an overly crowded gym really sound like fun to you? Keep it interesting with a stop at Raccoon Run Winter Sports Center. With good snow conditions, you can rent cross-country skis or snowshoes and explore the trails at Riverbend Recreation Area. And doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun than that treadmill?

Learn Something New: Awakening Minds Art

If your goal is simply to learn something new in 2018, then get out to Awakening Minds Art. There are constantly classes here to stretch your inner artist. Or you can drop your kids off at their Drop & Date so you can get that me-time to learn another new skill. Either way, Awakening Minds Art can help you make that time just for you. 

What is your resolution for 2018?

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