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Three years ago my daughter, Abby, and I needed some studio space for our little jewelry business.  I noticed a tiny little place that might work for us while driving down Main Street one afternoon.  After taking a look inside we quickly fell in love with it and decided we’d set up shop at 622….and thus, “life in the 600’s” began.

Learn all about life in the 600 block of South Main Street in Downtown Findlay!  •

Life in the 600’s started about three years ago for Jody her daughter when they opened their shop at 622 S. Main!

In case you’re not aware of “The 600’s”, it’s the 600 block of South Main Street in Findlay, Ohio (between Wilson’s and Arby’s).  When we first moved in friends would say, “not much goes on at that end of downtown”, or they couldn’t even place in their minds where it was.   Well….let me tell you this is our own little community right here in the 600’s…and we’re establishing great community friendships with both the shop workers and the customers who frequent them.  

Mary, who owns the salon a few doors down and her delightful daughter are always fun to chat with.  We hear guitar music through the walls on one side of us, and enjoy Shenna and Dave’s kiddos who help out with their shop on the other.  (Have you seen the darling lemonade stand on the street from time to time yet?)  The gals at Subway are always so cheerful…and Wilson’s is really working at being less intimidating when ordering a burger!

Learn all about life on the 600 Block of South Main Street in Downtown Findlay!  •

Not only can you get jewelry, clothing, and theatre tickets in the 600 block – you can also get lemonade!

If you wanted to you could pretty much survive right here in the block.   Here are just a few of the things you can do in the 600’s …

Order “one with”, fries, and a thick…buy a ukulele…get your shoes repaired…buy some monogrammed jewelry…get your “shimmer” on and outfit yourself from head to toe with shoes, a bag, tops and dresses…take a guitar lesson…rent an apartment…visit your personal trainer…invest your money…pick out wedding invitations…eat a foot long sub, chips, cookies…order special shoes…get a bowl of chili…do yoga…purchase a guitar and amplifier…pick up some great tea, and cups to drink it from…purchase a hand-made greeting card…buy a baby blanket, booties, and hat…slam a “dammit doll”…do pilates…get your hair cut and colored…buy theatre tickets…help plan an artsy event…rent office space…pick up some new picks and strings…buy fun new dishes for entertaining…order a custom bracelet, ring, or necklace.

…and that’s just on one side of the street!

Learn all about life on the 600 Block of South Main Street in Downtown Findlay!  •

Guitars, bags, sandwiches, and more are just a few of the items you can purchase in the 600 block!

I hope you’ll join me for future blogs which will be about the people who walk, shop, and work in the block and we’ll get down to the nitty gritty “life in the 600’s”. 

This blog post was written by Visit Findlay blogger Jody Combs.  Jody is a business woman, artist, mother, and grandmother.  That isn’t much, is it?  Learn more about Jody and read her other blog posts here!

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