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“$1 taco nights,” she said.

My belly may have just squeed, but no no no. I’m on a diet.

“Delightfully tacky,” she said.

I’m going to pretend she’s talking about me and not give in to this.

“Strong margaritas,” she said.

Okay, I’ve got my purse. What is this magical place you’ve been talking about?

A friend of mine had been posting on Facebook about Oler’s for months. This was her hang out and the passion in her posts was starting to make it sound like her second home.

So my car finally found it’s way into their parking lot and then I stared at the building. This was not a place that you drove by and had to stop in. You couldn’t get more local dive than Oler’s if you tried. I took a deep breath, sent a quick text (“I blame you for this.”) and made my way in.

The inside was homey and filled with smiles. When I was seated, I was surrounded by families, all happily indulging in their need for Mexican food. Yes, this is the place that is loved by locals and they are definitely protective of it.

My waitress, Carrie, asked me what I would like to drink. I laughed and said, “I hear that I HAVE to have the margaritas.”

“You certainly do. On the rocks and with salt?” I nodded in affirmation and turned my attention to the menu. My eyes landed on fajitas. I don’t know why I have a fascination with getting a sizzling plate, but I do. So I didn’t need to look any further.

My waitress came back with my drink, tortilla chips and salsa. I placed my order.

“Cheese?” Do you really need to ask? “Sour cream?” Anything that you can give me that will make me happy should definitely go on my plate, please.

I put the first tortilla chip in my mouth and pleasantly surprised to have a warm chip that tasted freshly made. I then dipped a chip into the salsa to find a slightly chunky texture with a bit of zing to it. My margarita was surprisingly short, but one taste told me why. These were not the sugary concoctions most places will serve you. This was a manly drink. There’s a possibility it could put hair on your chest. And it went perfectly with the chips and salsa. But one is definitely enough.

My food arrived and it was enough to feed two of me. This is the home of great prices, great service, great food and lots of it. I dug in to find fresh veggies and there was nothing on my plate that didn’t make me happy. So of course I finished it. There are times where it’s okay to conquer a mountain of food and this was one of them.

Take my advice: Oler’s does not look like a place you could spend hours in from the outside, but I assure you it is. It works for a night out with the family, the girls or the boys. And you can be assured that you will definitely get more than your money’s worth and be happy as can be.


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