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Papillon Boutique dressesPapillon Boutique presents itself as a shop for prom and cocktail dresses, as well as more casual attire, but it’s oh so much more. Just walking into the store makes you realize this.

During my stop, the owner cheerfully greeted me and asked me what I was looking for. I told her it was my first time in, and I was just checking out what they had. She then took the time to tell me the story of her shop.

What I found out? The ultimate story of Papillon Boutique is that it solves problems.

Don’t know what to wear? Come in to check out the vast selection for every event or non-event in your life.

Overwhelmed by too many choices? Take advantage of the owner’s knowledge of the latest trends and what will look best on your body.

Always buying the same thing as your friends? Let’s be honest: They’re your friends because you have similar tastes. But when those similar tastes start becoming a lot of twinsie outfits? Not a cute look. The owner keeps track of who is in your social circle and what they’re buying, so you never have to worry about showing up to a party in the same outfit.
Papillon Boutique casual clothes
Just need a friend to shop with you? 
As our lives get busier and busier, it gets harder and harder to get together with those that can give you an honest opinion on outfits. Yes, social media can sometimes help, but nothing is better than having someone right there. The owner of Papillon Boutique will happily be that person and make it the most fun shopping trip you’ve ever had.

So as we all look for more and more ways to save time and do more, there is no better way to save time on clothes shopping than Papillon Boutique. It’s a one-stop-shop for women’s clothing, as well as a personal stylist at your beck and call. So stop in today!

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