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Event Supplies

Visit Findlay has an inventory of event supplies that are available for you to borrow at no cost. Event supplies are available first come, first serve and need to be returned upon an agreed upon date, no later than 5 business days following the conclusion of your event. You are responsible for arranging pick up and return of all event supplies, including crowd barriers.  You will be asked to sign a release when requesting event supplies.

Fill out the event supply request form here.

Sail Flags

Event Supply Inventory

Sail Flags

Entrance  •  4 flags
2 9 foot, 2 7 foot

Welcome  •  2 flags

Parking  •  4 flags
2-13 foot, 2-9 foot  •  ground stakes

Handicap Parking  •  1 flag

Kids Zone  •  1 flag

Tickets   •  3 flags
2-7 foot, 1-9 foot

Volunteer  •  1 flag


Barrier Fencing

Crowd Barrier Fencing, 50
6 foot segments (300 total feet) • Plastic
Additional fencing may be borrowed from University of Findlay.

Pop-Up Tents

Pop Up Tents • 7
10×10 • 6 with no branding, 1 with Downtown Findlay branding

String Lights • 7
48 feet segments, use for hanging inside tents

Leg Weights • 28
5 lbs each • comes with tent rental, can be rented separately

Cash Boxes

Cash Boxes

Metal Cash Boxes • 12
with dividers, no locks

Plastic Bins • 12
labeled for money collection


Visit Findlay Logo Signs
Vinyl signs with grommets

Photo Release Sign • 2
If marketing photography is taking place we highly recommend hanging these signs.