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Findlay Brewing Company FlightAfter hearing person after person rave about the beer and food at Findlay Brewing Company, I finally cleared a Sunday afternoon to spend some time with the new local favorite. 

To be fair, Findlay Brewing Company has been around for awhile, but finally made the move into a new and better facility. That means more beer and a great kitchen. 

One of the reasons why I have always loved this brewery is its commitment to trying to do things slightly different. Different tastes combine into beers that you never knew you needed in your life. So the re-opening meant that I was definitely going to find a new favorite beer. 

It was a beautiful summer day, so I eyed their patio wistfully. But I needed some relief from the heat, so opted for the air conditioning instead. 

I was instantly greeted with a smile and an invitation to sit wherever I wanted. The tap room was surprisingly full for a Sunday afternoon. I eyed a few empty tables but then decided on a seat at the bar. I could meet new people this way and happily watch as the amazing food creations made their way out of the kitchen nearby. 

A beer menu found its way into my hands and I picked out 4 IPAs for a flight. The way they present their flights is one of my favorites I have seen. Instead of having a long, unwieldy presentation, I was given a box that the four samples fit into perfectly. Easy to carry and no chance of imposing on your neighbor’s space. 

Findlay Brewing Company mac & cheeseNext up was the food menu. I’m not going to lie. I came here for the mac & cheese. A friend of mine had taunted me with the unlimited combinations you could create. Yes, you can choose your mac & cheese combinations, and it’s pretty much the best idea ever. I chose bell peppers, onions and corn. 

And then all that there was left to do was sit back and enjoy my excellent decisions. 

I enjoyed all of the beers in my flight, but I had a strong favorite: Hopster. The clean, citrusy taste is perfect for a summer brew. I would love to get a growler of it to enjoy outdoors with friends. 

My mac & cheese arrived quickly. It was everything you want in a mac & cheese: creamy with a side of ooey gooey. The vegetables added a great crisp texture that really completed the dish. 

As I devoured my mac & cheese (is there any other way to do it?), I eyed my neighbors dishes and quickly came up with a list of things I needed to try. All of the dishes were so colorful and looked so flavorful that I probably would have ordered more if my stomach had more room. 

Findlay Brewing Company is definitely a place for everyone. Beer lovers and non-beer lovers will find something great to taste. And hey, the beers are so tasty, you might even convert some of those non-beer lovers. 

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