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Rossilli's Eggplant ParmesanSometimes you just want to eat something simple and made right. That was the case while I was wondering downtown one afternoon. 

I entered Rossilli’s Restaurant, only knowing that I was in store for some Italian food. The bartender greeted me with a grin and showed me to a seat in the dining room. I watched him repeat this act again and again. He seemed so glad to see each person and welcomed them like they were a part of his family. 

I settled into my seat and felt a bit at home. There is a traditional Italian vibe. And shortly after I entered, a few police officers stopped in for lunch. Something I have learned in life is that you should always eat where police officers eat. They have a way of knowing the good stuff.

I placed my order of eggplant parmesan. My rolls came, and I gave in to my happy spot. These slightly sweet rolls taste amazing all slathered in the butter provided. And the unusual shape gave this tasty treat a little something special.

My eggplant parmesan came next. There are only a few things you want from eggplant parmesan: cheesy goodness, a bit of a crunch and piping hot. This had all three. I devoured it in such a way that might have scared those at surrounding tables. But there is just something about good, traditional Italian food. Each mouthful leaves you feeling just a bit warmer and a bit more loved. It just makes you crave having more and more until you are bursting at the seams. Rossilli’s eggplant parmesan definitely did that for me. 

Rossilli’s Restaurant is definitely a place that is great for a number of occasions. From a romantic date to a big family dinner, the restaurant can accommodate you. Because like all good Italian restaurants, all are welcome. Just be sure that you bring your appetite as well. 

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