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Spring Clean in FindlayThis time of year is all about renewal. We shed all of those layers winter put on us and start trying to become better.

Whether it’s a cleaner house or a smaller body, spring is a great time to begin again and pursue it. And Findlay is the perfect place to help you get there.

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

After a long winter, you’re going to need to add a bit of color to your everyday clothes. Make a stop at Shimmery Belle Boutique or The Dressing Room Boutique. Both stores will gladly help give your wardrobe the oomph it needs.

Maybe you have a special occasion coming up? Then Trends on Main or Papillon Boutique are great stops for you. From showers to weddings, both stores can make sure you’re dressed perfectly in a unique find.

Spring Clean Your House

You can’t really say you’ve done spring cleaning until you’ve made your house perfect. Cammys on Main and Charming Finds Boutique will both help you figure out how to give your furniture new life. Or even better, you can pick up one of their beautiful furniture creations.

And make sure you add those perfect touches with a stop at Objects of Desire Artful Living. From amazing works of art to more everyday items, your home will have just the right pops of color.

RooBarb Studios is known for beautiful stamped jewelry, but they also carry some great stuff for accessorizing your home as well. You can find unique serveware, wall hangings and candles among the ever-changing inventory.

Spring Clean Your Life

All in all, your goal with spring cleaning is to become a better you. Keep an eye on our events calendar for classes to learn a new skill, 5ks and fun ways to get outside. And don’t forget to check out the Hancock Parks District for great trails to help you get in shape.

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