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Logan's Irish PubWhen you first step into Logan’s Irish Pub, you’re immediately transferred from the Findlay quaint downtown to an Irish pub that feels like it should be thousands of miles away. 

My eyes always gaze to the kits hung with care from the rafters. A true Irish pub knows that catering to the local soccer fans is essential, and this is something that Logan’s has always done well. 

I am then drawn in by the wood and the painted murals on the walls. The set-up just makes Logan’s feel like it’s been right here for hundreds of years. And the coziness makes want to stay on a barstool for hours listening to the latest goings on in and around town. And yes, the bar is a great place for that, as any self-respecting bar at an Irish pub should be. 

On one of my many adventures there, the bartender and I did our own mini-beer tasting. With Logan’s generous beer menu, you can easily discover something new that you’ll absolutely love. Even if that something new is from Findlay Brewing Company just down the street. 

A friendly atmosphere and great brews would be enough to get anyone to come in. But the food! Oh the food! If you’re looking to eat a little green this weekend, you can’t go wrong with the spinach-artichoke dip. Looking for just some all-around comfort food that goes well with beer? Their onion rings and mac & cheese will hug and make you feel oh so good. Or you could go for the more traditional fare from fish fry to corned beer. It’s all there, and it will give you all of the memories of those childhood St. Patrick’s Day that you’re longing for this time of year. 

And the best part of Logan’s? Because St. Paddy’s Day falls on a Monday this year, there are FOUR DAYS of fun and entertainment. It starts off with live music and kilt night on Friday and ends with all day music that is capped off by The Athen Ry on Monday. That’s four days of everyone being Irish, and everyone yelling, “Slainté!” as they raise their pints in the air. Yes, I can’t imagine a better place to be to make quick friends while singing those traditional Irish songs we all love. It really is going to be a great weekend in Findlay!

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