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Downtown FindlayEvery weekend, I have the desire to go one place: Downtown Findlay. 

I can park my car, and enter into any number of different worlds. And with the mix of hometown favorites and new loves, the only way to describe it is Main Street grown up. 

Need to get ready for that special night out? Make a stop at Trends on Main. From a date night to that really special occasion, you will find everything from unique accessories to the perfect outfit. 

And are you in need of a gift? From Rieck’s to Gaslight Gallery to DorAnne’s, you will have an endless list of unique choices. And many of them have been made by local artists. Because Downtown Findlay lives by the motto, “Buy local,” and the sheer amount of local talent makes you question why it would be any other way. 

I bet you’re hungry now. Well, let me ask you what country you would like to visit. Our taste of Japan at the Japan West is impeccable in both taste and service. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything more authentic anywhere outside of Japan. And then there’s our Irish fare. We keep it real with Logan’s Irish Pub, and you can tell that from the kits hung with care and the great beer list. Bistro on Main gives you an old world feel of Italy with a new world taste that is out of this world. And don’t count out the new kid on the block, Stix. Its Korean and Japanese food is already warming the hearts of everyone that has tried it.

Tonight, I think I’ll keep to American at The Gathering. If my date is nice, I might even share one of their out of this world desserts, but I wouldn’t count on it. 

After dinner, we all feel like keeping it a bit chill, right? I always have trouble choosing. Alexandria’s tends to lure me with their leather chairs that I can easily curl up in and their flights of beer. Coffee Amici has me stopping by for their terrific bands and tasty coffee drinks. And The Wine Merchant‘s amazing selection of wine and conversation always sounds awesome to me as well. There’s just simply no shortage of choices for that perfect night with friends. 

And that’s just for my evenings out. There’s a whole other world during the day full of great lunch spots and bakeries that are out of this world. 

I’m proud to support this community of wonderful shops and restaurants. And I hope you are too. Show your pride and meet us in Downtown Findlay this weekend. 


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