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StixI really like food. Like a lot. And that’s why I was super excited to hear that a new place, Stix, was coming to Downtown Findlay. More great Findlay food? Sign me up!

I made a date with a friend and then drooled over their menu. So much to try and not nearly enough room in my stomach. 

The day finally came, and I walked into a bright, fresh space that reflected the food that was promised on the menu. We were immediately greeted by a sweet waitress that was attentive throughout our lunch. She even helped us strategize on the best way to attack the mouth-watering menu. Our ultimate decision? Try ALL the tacos. Because nothing sounds better than Asian fusion tacos. 

Our tacos arrived quickly, proving that this is a great stop for anyone short on time and yet looking for tasty food. The tacos were colorful and inviting. In fact, they were so inviting that I almost forgot to take a picture. Yup, the person that is always pausing to get the picture before digging in forgot to take the picture. But luckily, I remembered before all three ended up in my stomach. 

These tacos are filled with fresh, simple ingredients that are done well. They reside on a slightly thicker tortilla, which helps them not fall apart despite the addition of a light sauce that pulls all of the ingredients together. Three was perfect for a light, yet filling lunch. Pork belly was declared the winner of our taco wars, but I think the tofu was also a great option.

When we were all done comparing and contrasting the flavors, our waitress came back to clear away our plates. “Do you need anything else?”

I looked sheepishly down at the table. I had spotted something on the menu that spoke to my addiction. A smile creeped onto my face as I said quietly, “I’d like to try the ice cream.”

My friend exclaimed, “What?! Ice cream?! I want that too.” My addiction has spread to others. 

Stix ice creamThe waitress nodded with a smile on her face. And a dish with four scoops of homemade ice cream quickly made its appearance. Each scoop had its own place, so the flavors did not mix as the ice cream slowly melted. Much like the tacos, it was very inviting. But this time, I remembered to get the picture. Each tasted amazing. The carrot orange was surprising, the blackberry swirl was perfectly rich and the grapefruit was the right amount of tangy. But it was the vanilla that stole my heart. Yes, that might sound boring, but there was nothing boring about this vanilla ice cream. I could have easily eaten a big bowl of just that with no toppings and have felt like I had had the best dessert ever. 

Stix is a great addition to Downtown Findlay. It provides a menu that is accessible to both the adventurous and those that are new to Asian fusion food. Definitely go for the tacos on your first trip and then stay for the ice cream. 

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