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Kan Du Studio“You can do…” 

In a world that is constantly testing us and telling us what we can’t do, saying, “You can do,” is revolutionary. And Kan Du Studio certainly is that. 

You can’t be an artist? Not at Kan Du. This wonderful studio specializes in awakening the artist in those with different abilities. Those that never had a passion for art realize they can do. Those that were told that they could never be an artist despite a passion? They are told they can do as well. It’s a world of cans replace the can’ts of life. 

And it’s not only about the art. It’s about teamwork. Everyone can work together. Art work is passed around and is created by the many, instead of the one. The love and passion of all becomes one in each work. It goes from, “You can do,” to, “We can do.” And we can do it together. 

The “we” is not just about the artists. It’s about the community. It starts with Kan Du’s iconic stars that are so popular in our community and continues with the artwork that is displayed proudly throughout the many community businesses. And don’t forget the many community members that happily purchase the beautiful creations. We are all stars. And we can do it together. 

Kan Du Studio is a wonderful asset to our community. Wondering into the studio will allow you to chat with the people that show everyone what we can do, be it the artists or those that make this program possible. And from the stars to more traditional paintings to the many, many other creations that exist in this studio, there is any number of items that will make your home warmer available for purchase. 

So stop in Kan Du Studio, and show that we can certainly do together. 

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