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Thrift Store 1There was a time when people snubbed their noses at second hand clothing, saving it as a last resort. Times are certainly changing! A big trend with teenagers, the idea of “thrift” shopping has taken a turn for the popular.

Cute clothes for MUCH less, as well as more original? Sign me up! The convenient and inexpensive way to shop is not only for the money conscious, but also the chic crafter! Many DIY (do-it-yourself) projects can be done with simple finds from the neighborhood thrift store.  As luck would have it, Findlay has a large assortment of second hand shops and stores such as:




            Salvation Army

               Plato’s Closet

               Once Upon a Child

               Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery

               Closet of Styles

 Also a vintage photography shop, Imagine That.

Now ready, set, THRIFT!

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