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Trans Am Bluffton SubAs I was walking into Trans Am Meatballs & Records, I passed a family that was just leaving.

Mom: “So what did you think? Did you like it?”

Daughter (very enthusiastically): “YES!”

Okay, so if I had any reservations before, they were just obliterated by Trans Am’s latest fan.

Trans Am is filled with 80s nostalgia that scratches at my childhood. From the pop machine directly behind the counter to the plentiful records on the wall, I could have told you a story from a long ago time that is connected to each piece. And yet, the decor still is decidedly modern. The dining room has a very light and airy feel, and there is plenty of space for even a slightly larger group to hang out.

I placed my order for The Bluffton, a vegetarian sub, with chips. Yes, there is a vegetarian option here, so don’t get scared of the word “meatballs” in the title. There are plenty of versions for just about any taste.

I took a seat in the front of the restaurant. A chilly, sunny day would make some great people watching, and I wasn’t disappointed. I looked off to my left and got a bit of a chuckle. The place where iced tea came out on the fountain soda was a picture of the infamous Ice-T. These people… They’ve got some humor.

Trans Am Potato ChipsMy sub was delivered to me, and I dug in. I opened a bright red and white packaging to find a surprisingly beautifully presented sub. Yes, even after having been wrapped up tightly, this sub was stunning despite a very generous portion of both meatballs and toppings . And each bite was full of fantastic, fresh flavor. My side order of chips was made in-house and was perfectly seasoned and fried. I even contemplated ordering an extra order to-go.

As I was packing up, our famed local chef, Michael Bulkowski, made his rounds through the dining room to make sure everyone was enjoying their meals. So yes, while you are there, it is very likely that you can even say cheers to the chef.

Trans Am Meatballs and Records in located in Downtown Findlay and is a great stop for lunch. No time to stop in? They offer delivery as well. And with a plentiful liquor offering, it makes for a great stop for an after work drink and snack as well.

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