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There are so many reasons to love Findlay.

The food scene can take you to far away lands with just a bite of an adventurous dish. Or it can give you the comfort of a favorite you’ve had many times but not quite as good as this. 

The arts scene can show you world-class, established talent. Or it can make you appreciate the homegrown, new talent. 

So many reasons to fall in love with this place that we call home. But my favorite is the historic homes

Historic HomeJust Take a Walk on Main Street

It seems so unbelievable that these beautiful pieces of art are just standing there asking you to appreciate them along Main Street. Their bright colors and rusty red bricks standing against perfectly trimmed lawns make you believe that you might have been dropped into another time and place. 

But there they are in today’s time. And I don’t know about you, but I always walk just a little bit slower and fall in love just a bit more every time I walk down Main. 

Marvel at the Historic Home’s ArchitectureHistoric Home

When I eventually find myself stopping to take in a home, it’s always the same. My eyes dart around, wondering where to stop. A strong column here. A delightful embellishment there. 

These homes were not made to be utilitarian. They were made to be adored. To be loved by those that live inside and by those lucky to pass by. 

Yes, it’s always the same when I stop. But I am always finding something different in a home that I thought I had memorized. That is the genius of those that built these homes.

Admire the Historic Home Owners

But the most wonderful part of these homes is not a coat of paint or a perfectly placed cupola. It’s the people that have called these places home. 

These homes are in such wonderful condition because these owners have taken their places as history’s caretakers and more than lived up to the task. Their pride and their joy can be seen in each corner, and it radiates to an amazing degree. 

And yet they have no desire to keep this joy to themselves. These owners regularly show that joy is only fully realized when passed onto others. So they will open their homes up for others to see. Or you might be lucky and be invited in as you gaze happily on their joyful home. 

Our historic home owners are truly admirable in every sense.

So yes, I have fallen in love with Findlay for so many reasons. But the historic homes will always hold my heart the longest. 

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