Fall into Findlay

Fall in FindlayFall is a tremendous time to go exploring. That perfect crispness in the air makes you want to fall into leaves, fall into adventure and fall into love, whether it be with a person or all of your beautiful surroundings.

And all of our beautiful surroundings make us fall in love with Findlay over and over again. The trees! The smells! And all of the wonderful people you meet while exploring it all! It’s enough to make you want to never see it end.

Here are a few of our favorite places to fall in love with again and again:

Riverside Park

With all of the great spring and summer activities in Riverside Park, it can be easy to forget that one of the prettiest times to check it out is in the fall. You can crunch, crunch, crunch the leaves under your feet as you walk through. You can curl up on a park bench by the Blanchard River and just take in all of the beauty surrounding you. You can just have a moment of filling yourself up on all that this season brings. Or you can run around playing on the playground with your kids with a big smile on your face. Either way, this is a great place to fall in love with fall.

Riverbend Recreation Area

Hay rides and an amazing amount of fall color. That is the Riverbend Recreation Area. And there is something particularly lovely about checking out fall in this park: One of the entrances takes you right through a covered bridge. There is really nothing that will make you better prepared for getting lost on trails and a day of playing around than those few moments going through the covered bridge.

Findlay Reservoir

For some, the best part of fall is just taking in the wonderful scents and feeling that crisp air on your face. In our opinion, the best place to do that is the Findlay Reservoir. By climbing up those steps to the top of the hill, you are transported away to a place where your worries are no more and the scenery is just gorgeous. It’s easy to lose a whole afternoon to just being alone with your thoughts there, as the sun sinks deeper into the sky.

These are just a few of the places we like to check out during this time of year. Where do you like to go in Hancock County?

Riverside Park: Where you should be this weekend

Riverside ParkAs a child, I remember toes in grass and running… Lots and lots of running. Not so much climbing, because I was very afraid of heights. But I do remember watching in awe as my brother climbed effortlessly to the heights that scared me so. And then there was the sun. There was something so lovely about sprawling out on the cool grass and feeling the hot sun beat down on you. Even if it meant my mom grabbing me every so often to roughly put sunblock on me, it was worth it. 

During this last weekend of summer vacation, what lasting memories can you make for your kids?

A family picnic is a great choice. Passing around the pasta salad. The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers grilling to that perfect juiciness. And a game of kickball is totally going to happen.

Getting a little wet and wild on the Blanchard River could also be fun. Rent canoes and spend some time exploring with your family. Who knows what you’ll see? Everything is just a little quieter and a little more fun on the water.

Make a splash in a pool. What kid does not have an awesome memory of the perfect cannonball? Or how about all of the giggles that come with a splash fight? And who hasn’t had a contest to see who could hold their breath under the water the longest?

Or maybe this weekend needs to be a little quieter. A walk could be in order. That moment that your child holds out his hand for yours simply melts your heart and makes an ordinary weekend spectacular.

Where can you create these memories and more? At Riverside Park.

In our latest video, see how Riverside Park has created the memories of the past and how it’s creating new memories for the next generation now:


Get Outdoors at Riverside Park

With the warmer weather and the sunny days, I’m pretty sure everyone is itching to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. And one of the best places in Findlay to do that? Riverside Park, of course! With spring in full bloom, this is probably the best time to spend an afternoon in this beautiful park. 

Riverside Park


From walking down one of the trails to running around with your kids on the playgrounds, you can experience a little bit of everything the great outdoors has to offer you at Riverside Park. I personally love just sitting on one of the park benches by the Blanchard River and daydreaming. Amazingly, that activity actually inspired one of the most popular songs of the early 20th century. Tell Taylor sat on the banks of river as he wrote “Down by the Old Mill Stream,” and you can actually find a memorial to Tell Taylor on those banks. 


Tell Taylor at Riverside Park


Do you want to actually get on the river? Zonta Landing Boat Rentals will help you out with that from the end of May to Labor Day. For as little as $5, you can rent a canoe, kayak or paddle boat to check out what makes the Blanchard River and Findlay special. 

Or if you need a gorgeous location for a family gathering, you can rent one of the many pavilions located throughout the park. With so many activities constantly going on at the park, there are many ways to bond with all of your loved ones.

Riverside Park Picnic



And there are even more ways to enjoy Riverside Park! From the Riverside Wine Festival to concerts throughout the summer, you’ll find lots of ways to have fun at the park on our Calendar of Events

Spring is a beautiful time in Findlay. Be sure to see it at its best at the Riverside Park

A Findlay Adventure You’ll Never Forget

Magnolia TreeIt seems the older we get, the more sentimental we become about the past. And birthdays are always a time to look at how far the honoree has come. So at a 200th birthday party, you can imagine that there’s a good amount of reflection. No, science hasn’t discovered the secret to a much longer life, and Ripley won’t be attending a celebration for the oldest person on Earth. But this June, Flag City, USA — better known as Findlay, Ohio — celebrates its bicentennial, and you’re invited to help commemorate the occasion with a look back at the city’s colorful history.

Situated along I-75 in the northwest corner of the state, Findlay rests at the center of the Old Mill Scenic Byway, so exploring by RV is ideal. A stunning east-west pathway through the Blanchard River Valley, these 52 miles of countryside and downtown driving (traversing State Road 37 north to US 224 west to State Road 694 north, with some well-marked turns along the way) offer an easy way to revisit the area’s past in celebration of the big 2-0-0. So make plans this year to take a trip down Findlay’s memory lane. Here are a few milestones you won’t want to miss:

Plant the seeds for your historical adventure just outside Findlay at Mount Blanchard Island Park, which sits near a former apple orchard once owned by John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed. A monument on the site honors this legendary nurseryman, so before arriving, stock your motor coach with some delicious cider and offer up a toast to the great green thumb, whose business stood at the core of the country’s apple industry in the late 18th century.

The Riverbend Recreation Area features 176 acres of nature trails, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding, as well as a glimpse at the rich floodplains, forests, and farmland that settlers cherished at this large bend in the Blanchard River. You will also find the preserved wrought-iron truss bridge that Hancock County relocated from its original spot on Marion Township Road 241 above the Old Mill Stream. For further exploration, drive over to the newly constructed wooden covered bridge that took its place.

At Hancock County’s oldest park, Riverside Park, climb aboard a restored miniature 1930s streamliner locomotive and journey down the tracks (even under a covered bridge across dry land). The train originally ran at the Toledo Zoo before becoming a Riverside amusement ride in 1951. It then ceased operations for nearly 20 years before community volunteers stepped in to get the choo-choo chugging again a few years ago. If you’re there on a Sunday, also take a tour of the 1882 Little Red Schoolhouse, a neat example of the rural one-room schools once found in this area. The building has even been outfitted with oil lamps, outhouses, a water pump, and a wood-burning stove. For some outdoor fun in the summer months, rent a canoe, kayak, or pedal boat at the park’s Zonta Landing.

Presided over by a copper statue of the county’s namesake, John Hancock, the 1886 Hancock County Courthouse (which has been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places) boasts a clock tower, beautiful stained glass, and ornate marble flooring. Less than a mile away, you can indulge in a sweet treat at Dietsch Brothers Ice Cream, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and candy store that’s been family-run for three generations.

Costumed interpreters bring to life days on a 19th-century family farm at Litzenberg Memorial Woods, a 227-acre park that encompasses lush hills and valleys beside the Blanchard River. The Greek Revival McKinnis Homestead, erected in 1847, has been entirely renovated and now hosts regular living history programs. Visitors can also tour the period garden, hike trails, and enjoy picnicking. To learn even more about the original property owners, cruise up Route 224 to the Indian Green Cemetery, where a number of the McKinnis family members now rest alongside Native Americans and early settlers.

Interesting spots can be found up and down the Old Scenic Mill Byway, so allow time to park and peruse along the way. For overnight camping, make reservations at Twin Lakes Family Campground in nearby Bluffton or the Heritage Springs Campground up the road in Vanlue. And be sure to keep your ears tuned to the legends and stories surrounding the sites you visit (locals are more than happy to share tales about their historic home) as you celebrate the grand history surrounding this small city’s first 200 years. Before long, you’ll be “dreaming of the days gone by,” just like songwriter Tell Taylor once did as he lounged on the banks of the Old Mill Stream in 1908. Happy birthday, Findlay!

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