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Riverside Park

Every spring, those beautiful pinks, whites, greens and other bright colors pop up in Findlay, and we seem to fall in love with our town all over again.

With the warmer temperatures and the brighter colors, we can’t help but want to get outside to enjoy the beauty. Especially after a long winter.

So if you are finding yourself with a case of cabin fever as well, we have three places you’ve just got to see to make you oh so happy.

Riverside Park

There is just something about enjoying spring while sitting next to Blanchard River. The trees at Riverside Park reach over the river with their pinks and white, and you instantly feel like you are in some kind of fairy world. With a playground, your kids will stay busy while you enjoy the gorgeous scenery. So if you are bringing the whole family along to see spring color, we definitely recommend stopping at Riverside Park.

University of Findlay

Spring at the University of Findlay brings graduation and so many beautiful blooms around campus. There is nothing quite like looking at the arch as tulips surround it with their bright colors. The University of Findlay is truly gorgeous every season, but it just comes alive with all the color in spring.

A Walk Down South Main Street

Findlay historic home

If you love beautiful architecture, then you have to see the spring color on South Main Street. We recommend starting downtown for a taste of spring there (and maybe a tasty smoothie from We Serve. Coffee or Coffee Amici) and head south. You will find our historic homes surrounded by blooms. The care our local homeowners put into these homes is on display more this season than any other, and you really have to check it out.

Want more ideas of places to go to see spring color in Findlay? Check out our parks, playgrounds and trails.

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