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Coffee AmiciIt was a rainy day. One that just leaves that gray feeling all about you. And yet, I had to walk through downtown anyways. Usually, the bright and cheery feeling of downtown turns my mood around, but this was just not one of those days.

And then I walked into Coffee Amici.

The bright shop is not what you’d expect of a traditional coffee shop. In fact, with the beads hanging on one of the walls, I’d venture to say it has more of a hippie vibe than anything else. And that was just what I was craving on this morning.

I went up to the counter and ordered the house specialty: the Amici Mocha. As I waited for my coffee to be made, I spied them. They were my love, my joy, my soul mate. In fact, if I hadn’t been in a coffee shop full of people, something bordering on indecent would have happened. Yes, I am talking about some of the biggest cinnamon rolls I’ve ever seen.

I bit my lip and tried to act like a desperate need wasn’t growing inside of me. My coffee was made. Could I really pass this up? As the girl was about to turn, I squeaked, “Um, I think I’ll have one of the cinnamon rolls too.” She smiled and kindly passed me the good stuff.

Coffee AmiciI found a seat and then played coy with the magnificence I had on a plate in front of me. Can’t seem too eager. Nope, not at all. I sipped my Amici Mocha and let the warmth fall over me, as I took in the rest of the shop. It was a Saturday morning and packed full. One table was talking about all of the things they were finding on the latest social network, Pinterest. Another was talking about a community event coming up. And then there were the loners like me. Some of us were furiously working on our computers, facing whatever deadlines, and others were relaxing with a book. There was every type of person here and just about every age. It had the feel of where the locals go to meet.

The stage at the front houses open mic on Friday nights and professional musicians on Saturday nights. And the walls are always covered with local art. So it doesn’t matter what time of day you stop in, you’ll get a glimpse of why the arts are such an important part of Findlay.

Cinnamon RollOkay, it was time to stop playing coy. That cinnamon roll and the snickerdoodles hiding in it were going to be mine. I would tell you what happened next, but it’s just… Well… no one should have witnessed it. That’s how awesome it was.

I hopped out of my chair and faced the rainy downtown with a smile. Oh gray, you’ll have to find another day to bring me down. And I’m sure I’ll go to battle with you in much the same way. Because Coffee Amici really does cure what ails ya.


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